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What's the Fuss about

The Grails

Big or small, we are all chasing our next comics. In a market filled with keys, first appearances, variant covers our collections are never complete! We share the fun, passion of collection. Show off, and envy but at the end of the day it's about helping each other find that something special

The Grailies

The word "Australia" features prominently in our name, but it's indicative of the foundation of the group rather than the focus. The world is a small place, and everyone with a passion for comics and collectables are welcome

About me

Collecting, selling, trading or flipping comics - it's the joy of holding a books that's part of popular culture and enabling the same for those who share the passion


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The Facebook group focuses on the collector community and currently on Instagram I'm doing a bit of a show and tell of the comics in my collection along side other collectables and finding my feet on the platform 

Grail Hunters Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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